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Rakhi Talsania


Rakhi joined CFI in 2019, as a result of merger between CFI and CGP. She started her career in Real Estate Accounting, back in 2005 – bringing 15 years of solid experience to CFI. Rakhi has worked across all fronts from Check-Runs to complete management of Residential and Commercial portfolios and everything in-between. Her capabilities have enabled her to take on new role of Controller within CFI, driving Accounting conformance across all portfolios, ensuring stream-lined reporting of data and metrics to all clients. Her passion for Accounting and Finance roots back to her education where she topped her University during her Masters in Finance from University of Kolkata.

Rakhi enjoys spending time with her family of two amazing children and sweet husband. She enjoys engrossing herself in spiritual retreats and slipping into meditations. Nature walks and connecting with openness is something Rakhi looks forward to on daily basis.